Crafting Redbreast

Blending and bottling

Bourbon Flavour Profile

They say that travel broadens the mind, and well it certainly broadens one’s flavour profile. Our American barrels from Kentucky and Tennessee bring a whole array of flavours to our Redbreast family. The charred inner linings of these casks allow our whiskey to seep in during maturation, and when it withdraws in the cooler winter months our whiskey takes with it the spectrum of bourbon flavours hidden within, from the vanilla to the nutmeg and cinnamon. Join Billy as he dissects the flavour profile he is looking for from these barrels in this short video.

The art of the blender

As Head Blender, it is my responsibility to discern and pluck the individual flavours and iconic tastes of Redbreast from the dizzying array of whiskeys that have matured in its honour. Only by following in the footsteps of legendary blenders, and by following my own nose, can I blend all the whiskeys, cask types, distillate types and flavours to form the exact notes, colours and aromas of each Redbreast. And while the five permanent members of the Redbreast family all share the same DNA, each one has their own very unique and distinct characteristics – or personalities.

Sherry Flavour Profile

The sherry flavour profile of our Redbreast whiskey is perhaps the most beloved part of our whiskey for many of our loyal followers. The deep flavour, originating in the finest bodegas, is an iconic feature of our Redbreast and creates a complex flavour profile that is fun to simply sit back and dissect all the different strands of Sherry, its notes and hidden flavours. Join Billy as he dissects the flavour profile he is looking for in this short video.