Robin Redbreast Day

November 12th is Robin Redbreast Day

and we’d like Redbreast fans to get involved and help us celebrate.
It takes a flock, after all.

What is Robin Redbreast Day?

We wouldn’t be here without Robin Redbreast — who appeared through our Chairman’s binocular lenses in 1912, and inspired the name of our whiskey.

So, we created Robin Redbreast Day as a celebration of the common bird and a chance to raise money and awareness for Project Wingman — our joint mission with BirdLife International to keep the common bird common. Oh, and our friend Chris O’Dowd jumped on board to help us out. Talk about the perfect wingman.

Here’s how you can help

  • Simply watch and share our video with Robin and Chris O’Dowd, with every view triggering a 25 cent € donation to BirdLife International!

Redbreast is all about sharing, so we’d love if you could #PassItOn

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How Will Robin Redbreast Day
Help The Common Bird?

This is a day about ensuring birds like the Starling, Barn Swallow, Wren and the Robin of course maintain their “common” bird status. To prevent such birds from becoming endangered, we have to think ahead. Our efforts will help safeguard habitats, educate, and monitor behavior.

We’ve partnered with celebrated Irish actor and Redbreast fan Chris O’Dowd as our Robin Redbreast Day ambassador. So simply give it a watch and pass it on to others… and let’s get those views up, and donations flying.

Terms and conditions can be found here.

The Project Wingman BirdFeeder.

Redbreast Bottle and VAP


The birdfeeder can both hold a bottle of Redbreast, and can also be filled with birdseed and hung from a branch in your garden. So, there’s something for your shelf and for your garden. And even better, the birdfeeder will help you lend a hand to birds during the tough winter months.

You could win 1 of 200 birdfeeder bottles by entering our Sweepstakes today.

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Introducing the Treetop Sour:

The Official Drink of Robin Redbreast Day


Raising money and awareness for the common bird shouldn’t come without a glass being raised as well. So we’ve created this special cocktail recipe to help you celebrate Robin Redbreast Day wherever you are.

  • 40ml Redbreast 12
  • 25ml Lemon Juice
  • 25ml Egg White*
  • 10ml Creme de Apricot/Cucumber
  • 10ml 2:1 Sugar Syrup
  • 3 Dashes Orange Bitters

The definitive sour.

  • Add the ingredients to your cocktail shaker. Dry shake. Then add cubed ice. And shake again.
  • Fine strain your luscious liquid into a rocks glass full of more fresh cubed ice.
  • The garnish with a mint. A cucumber slide. And serve.

Happy mixing, and if you’re up for sharing a shot of your creation you can tag us on Instagram @redbreastwhiskeyus Twitter @Redbreast_US or Facebook @RedbreastUS.

BirdLife International: a bird’s best friend.

We’re thrilled to be in our second year working with BirdLife International.

Through Project Wingman, our ongoing partnership with BirdLife International, we’re proud to give Redbreast fans a chance to make a difference. BirdLife International has identified threats to familiar bird species, such as industrial farming, logging, invasive species, hunting & trapping, and climate change. They partner with solution-based organizations to help reverse the effects that humans have had on these species that are under threat.

BirdLife and its partners work in multiple ways to keep common birds common. One important way is by monitoring the conservation status of all birds for the IUCN's Red List of Species.

Around the globe they also work to protect the habitats where birds can thrive, whether that's forests, grasslands, the seas or wetlands. Like humans, birds need safe shelter from life's threats and hardships. And they work hard to protect those habitats in networks as birds know no borders - so each of the planet's eight major flyways are of critical importance as nature's necklaces.

What will the donation from Redbreast fans lead to?

In the words of BirdLife International:

“Project Wingman is part of our broad and critical efforts to raise public awareness of the importance of birds and nature in general. Without public engagement supporting and caring about the diverse work we do, we cannot be as effective as we need to be. Campaigning on behalf of birds and biodiversity is considerably strengthened by Project Wingman and Redbreast Whiskey.”

Take a deeper look at BirdLife International here


Here’s a snapshot of our feathered friends that need a hand, before they lose their “common” status.

What's to come

As we make whiskey, we’re also thinking up new ways to make a difference.
Watch this space for some exciting projects and initiatives soon to take flight.

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